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Non-profit foundation dedicated to find a treatment and cure of GM1 Gangliosidosis #CUREGM1

About GM1

GM1 Gangliosidosis is a rare disease.  It is an  autosomal recessive lysosomal storage disease.  This category of diseases includes more than 50 conditions. GM1 Gangliosidosis robs children of nearly every skill and bodily function required to live. An insufficient amount


Cure GM1 Associated Research Projects in which Cure GM1 participated in funding – $512K in total funding provided 2017 Dorphan Small Molecule Research and Mouse Study Cure GM1 most’s recent grant was for a drug repurposing project and mouse study


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"As a parent of a child with GM1, it was terrifying realizing that the rarity of this disease also meant that it had little to no attention from the non-profit community. Finding the Cure GM1 Foundation was a huge relief to us and has provided us with critical information, a support network, and most of all hope that the funds they raise will directly translate into life-saving human clinical trials for gene therapy on GM1. The fact that they have virtually no overhead expense means we are that much closer to a cure with every dollar they can raise." --Ryan Bragg, parent of a child with GM1

"Our daughter, Fiona had Infantile GM1. A type-1 child is considered the most severe and also terminal. Life expectancy is around two years but Fiona lived to be 4 1/2 because we devoted our life to giving her the best life and experiences possible. The mission of the CureGM1 Foundation is to ensure a cure for GM1 is found in time for present and all future generations of children inflicted with this horrible disease. Secondly, I wanted to make sure that the money I raised was going to be used in an efficient and effective manner. We hear so many horror stories these days about how donated funds are squandered and misused. My research into CureGM1 Foundation revealed an organization that does the right things with the money they raise. CureGM1 Foundation have been raising research dollars by organizing and developing creative fundraising efforts among friends, family, and concerned volunteers, while at the same time, serving as an information database for the most current research programs taking place for GM1." --Paxton T. and Dee King, parents of a child with GM1