Every Life Matters, Let’s Remember…

2015 Sweet Angels

Children in contact with the Cure GM1 Foundation whose battles with GM1 ended in 2015

We honor and remember all the children whose battle with GM-1 Gangliosidosis ended this year. This movie includes only the children whose parents provided photos. Unfortunately, GM-1 affects many more. Every life matters! Charlie, Fiona, Hugo, Joe, Kase, Lorena, Paxton, Ruby, Sage, Zac all succumbed to GM1 in 2015.

GM-1 Gangliosidosis affects more people than we know.  There are undiagnosed children.  There are those who tragically pass away before diagnosis.  There are the generations who will come in the future who will need a cure.  There are those who need help now.

Please help find a cure to put a stop to this horrible condition.

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Every Life Matters, Let’s Remember…

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