Frequently Asked Questions

2017 Cure GM1 Run Walk Challenge Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a minimum number of people that need to register for a team? Is there a limit? Anyone can join a team and there is no limit or minimum number of registrants per team.

How do I register? Purchase a T-shirt here for the team of your choice. Then send an email to with your name and team name.

What if the GM1 child I would like to support is not on this list? Send an email to with your name and the child’s name with GM1 that you would like to include. A team and individualized T-shirt will then be created for that child within 24 hours.

How do I donate? Donate at and note your team name in the comments.

Can I send a check instead of donating on Crowdrise? If you prefer to send a check, that is fantastic as well. Send to Cure GM1 Foundation, PO Box 6890, Albany, CA 94706 and include a note “run/walk challenge” along with your team name.

Do I need to donate an amount for each mile I run or walk during September? Any donation given is a free will donation and doesn’t need to be tied to the amount of miles you run or walk, although pledging an amount per run is welcome.

How do I report any miles I walk or run during September? Report any mile(s) you run or walk during September by posting on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram “I just ran 1 mile for #CureGM1TeamAllison”. Be sure to use #CureGM1 + your team name.

If I am not on social media, how do I report my miles or get points for posting a picture? Send an email to any time during September 2017 to report miles or send pictures when you walk or run.

What if my social media account, i.e. Facebook account is set as private? Will my posts still count? Actually No. We won’t be able to search for hashtags in private accounts. If you have a private account, go ahead and also post on our Cure GM1 Facebook page, Twitter or Instagram.

Do I have to order T-shirts online or can I get them from the organizer or team captain? The T-shirts are only available online here.

Does the amount raised from T-shirt sales also go to the Cure Gm1 Foundation? Yes, all profits from sales of T-shirts go directly to the Cure GM1 Foundation.

How long are the T-shirts for sale? The shirts will be for sale until the end of this challenge, September 31, 2017.

How much does shipping cost and how long does it take to receive the T-shirts from Shipping cost (for shipping in the U.S.) starts at $5 for 1 shirt and gradually goes up to $10 for multiple shirts (5), there is also a sales tax fee. It takes 7-10 days, regular ground, to arrive.

I don’t understand the event days. Is it the entire month of September? Yes, you may earn points for your team in the ways outlined above, any time, and as many times as you like, during the entire month of September.

I am on a cross country team so I run a lot of miles a day so would it be alright if I posted a picture at the end of the week about how many miles I ran? Yes. It doesn’t matter when the miles are posted, you don’t have to post on the exact day you ran or walked that mile. Although, the more pictures you post, the greater number of points your team will accrue.


2017 Cure GM1 Run Walk Challenge Häufig gestellte Fragen (Deutsche)

Gibt es eine Mindestanzahl von Personen, die sich für ein Team anmelden müssen? Gibt es eine Grenze? Jeder kann sich einem Team anschließen und es gibt kein Limit oder eine minimale Anzahl von Registranten pro Team.

Wie melde ich mich an? Kaufen Sie hier ein T-Shirt für das Team Ihrer Wahl. Dann senden Sie eine E-Mail an mit Ihrem Namen und Teamnamen.

Wie spende ich? Spenden Sie bei und notieren Sie Ihren Teamnamen in den Kommentaren.

Kann ich einen Scheck schicken, anstatt auf Crowdrise zu spenden? Wenn Sie es vorziehen, einen Scheck zu schicken, das ist auch fantastisch. Senden Sie an Cure GM1 Foundation, PO Box 6890, Albany, CA 94706 und geben Sie eine Notiz “run / walk challenge” zusammen mit Ihrem Team Namen.