GM1 Families and Supporters Unite!

Wow!  Many families and supporters have come together recently to help Cure GM1!  We’re so incredibly grateful to you all!   Truly, thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

This foundation is for all those affected by this devastating condition and we are truly inspired by all those who have come forward to make a difference!

It is with incredible sadness that we report  a sweet, sweet girl named Madi who passed away from infantile GM1 at the age of 2 1/2 on February 19th.  A recent fundraiser is to honor her memory.



There’s been a lot going on and we don’t take any of these efforts for granted.  Together we can make a difference!

Here’s some of the events going on!

Rare Disease Day T-Shirts by Cure GM1 Foundation

Still available for Sale HERE.


Fundraisers by the Mendes Family in honor of Lorena!



Chili Competition in Honor of Owen


Eli’s Birthday Party Fundraiser

Eli’s event will be held on April 1st!  Please see CrowdRise for his campaign!



Elegy Wrap by Ambrose’s Mom for Rare Disease Day



Ele Story  Rare Disease Day Dress Sale in Honor of Iris

Read the blog post HERE.



Jewelry Sale in Honor of Madi



Madi’s Grandmother, Deborah Dixon Perry has put together a lollipop campaign!



Shanel Ortega joined the Spring Clean Campaign today in honor of her sweet son Ian who was recently diagnosed.  Check out his CrowdRise campaign!



Thank you so much everyone!  It’s wonderful to see so many of us joining forces to fight for a cure!

Join the Cure GM1 Spring Clean Campaign if you can!




GM1 Families and Supporters Unite!
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