Nov 2017 Cure GM1 Update

Fundraising and Ways to Help

This month, please consider joining our Be the Light campaign!  Click on the image or here to read more about the initiatives and how you can help.  The end of year is an excellent time to donate and to close the year out with a charitable gift towards saving children’s lives!

Time to get ready for the holidays and we need your help reminding families and friends about our foundation.  Click on the image for more information and designs!  Please consider printing holiday postcards/inserts to include in your holiday mailings.  These little gestures all add up and can help make a difference.

GM1 Patient Network and Invitae/Patient Crossroads Platform

Believe it or not, the simple act of providing information on a platform trusted by bio techs is a powerful tool.  We must show that GM1 patients are organized and care about joining together to provide information to help plan clinical trials.  The GM1 Patient Network is a collaborative effort to build a comprehensive anonymized patient registry.  If you have not joined already, please fill out this NEW web site link:

In Memoriam

Ava Marie passed away on 10/21/17

Patrick passed away on 11/10/17

Newly Diagnosed

From Spain, Australia, Dubai, to Alabama, many newly diagnosed children have come forward.   19 more children have joined the Cure GM1 registry in just a few weeks.  While GM1 is rare, clearly, there are many children suffering who deserve a treatment!

Call to Action

Dear Supporters, we can not do this without you!  While Cure GM1 is a small nonprofit, there is truly great value in having an active and growing organization.  After years of working together, we had the pleasure of meeting the Leishman family in person.  By banding together, we are stronger!  While fundraising may seem intimidating, the message and cause we are fighting for is truly important.  Everyone can relate to wanting to take the best possible care of their children.   Please contact us if you have an idea or would like to become more actively involved.


  • Make a holiday donation in the spirit of giving and ask others to consider making donations as well.  Donations can be made online or checks can be sent to Cure GM1 Foundation, PO Box 6890, Albany, CA 94706.
Nov 2017 Cure GM1 Update

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