Cure GM1 Run Walk Challenge

When: September 2017

Where: Wherever You Want

Why: Raise Money and Awareness for GM1 Gangliosidosis

How does this challenge work?

Individuals will register for a team sponsored by a child with GM1, then earn points for that team anytime during the month of September in the ways explained in the table below. The team with the most points on the last day of September is the winner. We will then post a special story about that team and child in October. The only requirement for joining a team is sending Marilee an email with your name/team name, all other action items are highly encouraged, but not required 🙂 The winning team will be a reflection of the points earned in the following ways:

Action Number of Points Details
Register 20 Points per shirt Sign up by buying a shirt and sending an email to with your name and team name.
Donate 2 Points per Dollar Donated Donate any amount at sometime during September and note your team name in the comments.
Distance 1 Point per Reported Mile Report any mile(s) you run or walk during September by posting on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram something like “I just ran 1 mile for #CureGM1TeamAllison”. Be sure to use #CureGM1 + your team name.
Post a Picture 1 Point per picture post,

2 points if pic includes the team t-shirt.

Post a picture of each run or walk during September on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. The Team T-shirt is encouraged as part of the photo. Use #CUREGM1  + your team name. (i.e. #CUREGM1TeamEliEvan)

Available Teams

Here is a link to view all the T-shirts –

GM1 Child Team Name T-Shirt Link
Aiden from Ohio, USA TeamAiden  Adults –

Youth –

Eli and Evan from Arizona, USA TeamEli&Evan  Adults –

Youth –

Louis from Germany TeamLouis  Adults –

Youth –

Florence from Manchester, United Kingdom TeamFlorence  Adults –

Youth –

Iris from California, USA TeamIris  Adults –

Youth –

Allison – In loving memory – May 1985 – Nov 1985

Texas, USA

TeamAllison  Adults –

Youth –

Luke and Isaiah from Idaho, USA TeamLuke&Isaiah  Adults –

Youth –

Cooper Matthew Richards – In loving memory – July 2013 – Jan 2017

From Massachusetts, USA

TeamCooper  Adults –

Youth –

Joey and Oliver from Wisconsin, USA TeamJoeyOliver  Adults –

Youth –

Madilyn Rose Perry from Pennsylvania, USA TeamMadi  Adults –

Youth –

Clara Bragg from Alabama, USA TeamClara  Adults –

Youth –

 Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any minimum number of people that need to register for a team? Is there a limit? Anyone can join a team and there is no limit or minimum number of registrants per team.

How do I register? Purchase a T-shirt (links above) for the team of your choice. Then send an email to with your name and team name.

What if the GM1 child I would like to support is not on this list? Send an email to with your name and the child’s name with GM1 that you would like to include. A team and individualized T-shirt will then be created for that child within 24 hours.

How do I donate? Donate at and note your team name in the comments.

Can I send a check instead of donating on Crowdrise? If you prefer to send a check, that is fantastic as well. Send to Cure GM1 Foundation, PO Box 6890, Albany, CA 94706 and include a note “run/walk challenge” along with your team name.

Do I need to donate an amount for each mile I run or walk during September? Any donation given is a free will donation and doesn’t need to be tied to the amount of miles you run or walk, although pledging an amount per run is welcome.

How do I report any miles I walk or run during September? Report any mile(s) you run or walk during September by posting on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram “I just ran 1 mile for #CureGM1TeamAllison”. Be sure to use #CureGM1 + your team name.

If I am not on social media, how do I report my miles or get points for posting a picture? Send an email to any time during September 2017 to report miles or send pictures when you walk or run.

Do I need to be wearing a team shirt in my picture, for the post to count as a point? No, but wearing a team shirt during your walk or run is encouraged as it helps brings more awareness. You can also make a simple CureGM1 sign to walk with or wear if you like.