Save the Date Good Dinosaur Pre-Release Benefit Screening

Rare Disease affects 1 in 10 Americans and includes over 7,000 known diseases. Currently there are no cures and very few treatments. However, our organization and other nonprofits are innovating and moving forward research.  These efforts not only have implications to help individual rare diseases, but have shown broader promise for treating more common conditions.

We are extremely excited to announce a special pre-release benefit screening of The Good Dinosaur, Disney Pixar’s Thanksgiving animated feature film.

We are truly honored to be partnering with Global Genes, another nonprofit that works with patient advocates and organizations in an effort to help eliminate the challenges of rare disease. Together with Global Genes, the Cure GM1 Foundation, Grace Wilsey Foundation and KCNQ2 Cure Foundation, we hope to build awareness of the common challenges and needs that impact rare disease patients, and fund innovative research to support the discovery of cures for GM1, NGLY1 and KCNQ2.

This is an invitation only event and tickets are limited.  More information to follow.  If you have questions or would like to volunteer for the event, please contact us.

Save the Date Good Dinosaur Pre-Release Benefit Screening

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